How to pick a casket

Today was a hard day. But there was laughter and stories and happiness mixed in with the hard. Mom was not feeling good today. There was pain- the most pain I’ve seen her in since she was hospitalized over a year a go.

At one point she needed to lay down in her bed and was going to be “indecent” for a minute. The neighbors do not EVER walk by her bedroom window. And, at this point, mom was feeling really bad. Getting in and out of the bed was painful today. But, as she lay there, with a horribly pained look on her face, she said, “Close the blinds, we don't want the squirrels peeking in.” Oh my goodness. I laughed out loud.

As Dad was helping her get comfortable he took her necklace off, and then he said, “Do you have your earrings on?” She replied, “ Of course!” Because OF COURSE she has her earrings on, and her makeup done and her cute Chicos outfit on with matching jewelry. Why would you even ask that?!

Dad and I went shopping today. We picked out a casket. The sweet lady helping us asked what mom’s favorite color is. We laughed and said it was red. Do they make red caskets? Yes, they do. And, yes, that’s the one we got.

God is good. Mom’s dear friend Glenda stopped by and it allowed Dad and I to go to the mortuary together. We were both in task mode - and, for whatever reason - I do not get emotional as we’re making decisions and doing the THINGS that need to be done. But it’s dad’s little comments like, “I just don’t like seeing her in pain,” that remind me what is happening. I started filling out paperwork for the mortuary. That was weird. What am I doing?! Why do I need to figure out my Grandpa’s middle name? They need that information?

I truly can’t imagine life without my mom. But, I know SO MANY OF YOU have experienced this same thing. It is life. It is death. To everything there is a season. I’m so very grateful for the season of LIFE with my mom. And for this specific season of the last stages of her life. So many of you have reminded me to enjoy each day I have with her. It is the only thing to do.  It’s awful and it’s sweet. And, I’m grateful to God for PEACE I’ve felt that is beyond understanding.

Kate HagenComment