Peaceful but Fighting

Charis cried hard tonight. Like, sobbing, body rocking hard. And I'm glad. I'm glad because it reminds me that she has a sweet, special relationship with her grandma. It reminds me that my mom has worked hard to develop strong memories with her grand kids.

As I laid next to my (5'8'') baby girl, hugging her and crying with her, she said, "She'll never get to finish my charm bracelet." That brought on a new wave of tears and memories. My mom gave my niece a charm every birthday and Christmas until she was (at least) 21. Charis is 15. She'll probably miss 6 years worth of charms. But, it's not the charms themselves, it's the stories that go with them. My mom is a story-teller. She has never just given anyone a gift. There is always a humorous explanation that goes along with the gift.

And, I KNOW we will keep telling her stories. I know she will keep influencing our lives until our dying days. You can't forget Peggy.  

Today I helped mom clean out part of her closet. All you can do is shake your head and laugh. Peggy Leslie. When I used to get frustrated at her as a teenager she'd say, "Would you want a mom who's normal?!" Oh. This woman. So funny. So strong. So resourceful and determined. She had a shoe box labeled, "Kate's wedding". I eagerly pulled down the box (from 1999). It had the heals she wore to my wedding. They were in perfect condition. Amazingly, she let me give them to the thrift store. But, not the green sandals she got at the thrift store for St, Patrick's Day. "I might need them next year!" was her response.

She is ready. But she still believes God can do a miracle. She is peaceful, but she is still fighting. She is ever the optimist. When asked how she wanted to be prayed for she said, "Pray that I'll keep on keeping on being joyful".

How many of us our joyful NOW?! How often am I living in a future that hasn't happened?! I ask for that same prayer...that I keep on keeping on being joyful.

In Thy Presence there is fullness of Joy

In Thy right hand there are PLEASURES forevermore.

I say this along with King David and Peggy Leslie. Joy and Pleasures forevermore. Through Jesus. Unto God. Amen and amen.

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