A Pure Heart

I'm always so relieved, but then a bit nervous, when I remember that everything comes down to the state of my heart; my soul. It's not what I put in my body; it's not what I eat that condemns me. (OH! how I've gotten this wrong.) It's not the social "laws" and niceties I follow that make me good and acceptable. It's my heart.

Does my soul love my heavenly Daddy? Do I know that I am loved by Him? Do I relish and treasure the beauty and nature of God? Does my heart sing with joy over the redemption of my soul? 

a pure heart.png

I have to honestly answer no. At least not like it has in the past. Not like I want it to. But, the option to love God, to KNOW God and be known by him is right here. Always available. Always full of grace and forgiveness and mercy. And, as I draw near to God, He promises to draw near to me. 

How can I know if my heart is pure? I pay attention to what is coming OUT of my mouth. To how am I treating others. That is the evidence of what is in my heart. Interestingly, I don't need to focus on changing my words and actions. The HEART is what needs to change. Those actions and words that come out of me just prove where my heart is. 

How do I change my heart?! I pray to my God, for a pure heart. I draw near to God. I look for Him and find Him. I read the words that fill my soul. And I sing of mercy, love and forgiveness. And, slowly, quickly, my heart is softened. It is filled. It overflows with peace and love. 

Yeshua softens my heart- and turns it from a heart of stone to a heart of flesh. I have experienced this over and over. And, today, I feel it again. I wonder at my own foolishness, and marvel at Yeshua's patience and mercy towards me. Giving me a pure heart. And, I will need this grace again tomorrow. And, it will be there.  

Kate HagenComment