Get Your Hopes Up!

How often has someone said to you, "Don't get your hopes up!"?

I think Jesus would say, "Get your hopes up!"

When I drive my kids to school, I pray a blessing over their day. We talk about what's happening at school that day, and we pray for their eyes to be open to love and friendship. Then, I say, "Get your hopes up! God's doing something exciting today."

Because, right?! Isn't the Spirit always moving, always growing, always leading. 

Get Your Hopes Up.png

Getting your hopes up doesn't mean hoping you'll get that car you can't afford, or the boy you won't talk to, or the body you won't work for. It means, we have a reason to be hopeful. There's always hope. It might not come the way we most desire...but it might! Look for the hope. You'll find it.

 Why do we caution our children to not get their hopes up? Well, it's the F word: FEAR. (that again?!)

We're afraid our kids will be disappointed when their dreams don't come true.  We're afraid if we tell them to be hopeful, they will fail and the dashed hopes will be worse than never hoping at all.

"Do not fear. I am with you." That's what Jesus said. That's what he still says. Fear...that's a thing of the past. Now we have hope.

What are you hopeful for today? When I ask myself that question, I can usually weed out the silly things; the temporal, fleeting pleasures. But I can always hope in - in fact, COUNT ON- God's love, forgiveness, grace, peace and mercy. That's a lot to get my hopes up for. That's worth living for.

My hopes are high today!


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