Give yourself TIME



being who you want to be.

Give myself time?! Oh, that's right. 

A few months ago I heard it suggested that a life of spirituality and faith takes PRACTICE. This seemed so obvious, yet so novel to me, that I haven't been able to get it off my mind. 

You mean I can't just learn a concept and immediately BE GOOD AT IT?! I think I really have thought this before. Once I truly believe and understand something, I should be able to live it, immediately. Right?!

For instance, I really believe that I am seen, loved and fully accepted by God. Yet, I often don't feel that way or live like it's true. You know why?  Because it takes PRACTICE, REPETITION, TIME! I've got to give myself time!

In the process of "failing" and "succeeding" I get to be gracious with myself. Because it will take time. I am not going to get it immediately, but, I can keep getting better with practice.

It's like my piano teacher always told me, "Katie, you've got to practice!" And, on that note (bad pun), this brings up a reason why I think I've disliked the practice idea. It seems drudgerous, boring, monotonous. Ugh. Like a nagging piano teacher.

But, my perspective is shifting. Practice & time lead to a life that is more vibrant & full of what I want! But I have to remind myself of that. Often.

In my business, I've wanted instant success. I've seen others being successful quickly, and assumed that could be me as well. But, most good things, for most people, take time.

Time requires patience & perseverance. Persseverance leads to maturity. In business. In spirituality. In health and physique. In relationships. 

There is a Scripture I like that speaks to this,

"Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything."

Well, that sounds like a good idea - not lacking anything! Apparently that takes perseverance, patience, time. 

Give yourself time Kate! 

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