Making Decisions WITH God!


I used to think I had to FIND God's will.

But I've come to believe that it's not a hide and seek game...

I used to think I had to FIND God's will, like I find someone who's hiding. But I've come to believe that it's not a hide and seek game! The Creator has made known to us the path of life! (Ps. 16:11)

Scripture seems to indicate that we can actually know God's will for our lives! (Acts 22:14) In fact, it seems God planned, ahead of time, for us to do good works and I believe we can know what those good works are.(Eph 2:10). 

So, how does God reveal his will? For me it has been primarily through the Spirit, Scripture and wise cousnsel. (John 16:13; Ps 119:105) This is good news! It's not a guessing game or a sign-seeking frenzy. 

But, we all know it's true that God does not reveal the specific plans for our lives all at once. It will be revealed to us as we ask, as we need to know it. It's a discovery process WITH God! We are doing this together. How cool is that?! (Ps 32:8)

Does God's will for us sometimes include pain & grief? Yes, because suffering gives us compassion for others and allows us to see God's strength in our lives as we lean on Yahweh. (Ps 119:71)

So, what kind of decisions does God want us to make?

God blesses decisions that...

-accomplish God's purpose of bringing love, peace & justice to this earth (most of  Jesus teachings hit on this)

-seek God's purposes over worldly purposes (Luke 12: 22-34)

-depend on God's strength (Phil 4:13)

-promote justice, kindness and humility: God's character (Micah 6:8)

-come from faith (Heb 11:6)

-consider the interests of others (Phil 2:4)

-are made in joy & are bathed in prayer & thankfullness (1 Thes 5:17)


I recently had a decision I was struggling with. As I asked God for guidance, I worked through these 7 questions. I wrote a short answer out to each one. It was VERY helpful. I hope you will find it useful as well. So, think of your decision you need to make. Consider these questions as you choose:

1. Has God already spoken about it in Scripture? (2 Tim 3:16) 

2. Would it bother me if everyone knew this was my choice? (Prov 11:3)

3. What if everyone followed my example? (I Tim 4:12)

4. Am I being people-pressured or Spirit-led? (Gal 1:10)

5. Could this cause another person to fall away from their faith? (Rom 14:21)

6. Have I prayed and received peace about this decision? (Phil4:6-7)

7. Will this keep me from growing in the character of Jesus? (2 Cor 3:18)

A few other thoughts:

Seek counsel from wise friends who love God and love you. Those who have overcome similar circumstances will be most helpful. 

When unsure about an open door, ask God to close the door if it is not God's will for you to go through it. 

Even though there might be several good options, choose the one that is the best.

What if you still just aren't sure?!

Sometimes time has run out and you still don't have a clear answer from God. If so, here is something you could say to God:

"Father God, you know the decision before me. I want to follow your Spirit, but am unclear as to the exact direction. Because I no longer have the option of waiting, I will choose one option. If this is not right, I ask your redirect my path. If this is the right direction, please confirm it with your Spirit of peace. I am willing to take whatever detours you decide to put in my path. Thank you for never leaving me or hiding from me."



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