"I did my best, coach."


"I did my best coach."

And that's enough...

My son played on a soccer team last year that was pretty good.  The coach was an intense guy, but I liked him. He pushed the boys to be better than they already were. And they had fun too.

But there was this one kid on the team. Let's call him Max. He had never played soccer before - in fact, I don't think he'd ever played any sport before. He was a bit slow mentally and socially, and certainly not athletic. 

The coach would play him every game (for at least a few minutes). It makes me tear up to think about how EVERY WEEK, when it was time for Max to trade out, he would wobble off the field and say, "I did my best coach!" 

And he did. His best was much worse than everyone else. He was slow, scared of the ball and confused about the game. If he actually made ANY contact with the ball we all cheered (even if he kicked it the wrong way). 

But he did his best. And he did it proudly. And, you know what, he got a little bit better. The boys grew to appreciate him and see that he was trying his best. It seems he didn't compare himself to the others boys. All that mattered was that he did his personal best.

And that's how I want to live. Not comparing myself to other's best (we all know comparison is the thief of joy). Instead, playing hard, having fun, and doing MY best.

"I did my best coach." And that's enough.


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