Enneagram 2 or is it 7 or 9?!



a new perspective...

My sweet neighbor, Mary, has been trained in Ennegram testing and evaluation. I've always been fascinated by personality tests, so, I asked if she would help me find my Enneagram number.

Quick explanation: The Enneagram  refers to 9 different types of people. The categories distinguish why you act the way you do. I found it fascinating and helpful!

Since I didn't do the typical way of taking the test, but instead used my neighbor's knowledge and resources, I wasn't assigned one number. Initially I came up with 3 different numbers. And, get this, they were in the three distinctly different categories: heart, head & gut. Mary was surprised and a bit confused. This is not a typical result.

"You seem to be very integrated, Kate."
"Ha!! Or, I have no idea who I am."

This varied result is so typical of me. Never fitting a category. Being unsure of who I am. Being a little bit of everything.

And, here is something new for me, THAT is who I am. Someone who changes constantly. Someone who knows herself, and, as soon as she does, wants to break out of that category and become more. Someone who goes all in, and then gets bored with that project and is ready to go all in with another. Someone who is a little bit of everything, because I've done a little bit of everything (& if I haven't done it yet, I will eventually).

I used to call this insecurity, lack of confidence, laziness, shallowness.

And, that is the shadow side. BUT, I am learning to LOVE who I am. The shadow side needs to be monitored, and kept in check, but, there is so much light and good in being who I am.

God wanted Kate here. Kate, who is constantly curious and changing. Kate, who is spontaneous & quick to say yes. Kate, who doesn't need to obsess over the details. Kate, who wants to meet and know everyone (until she doesn't). Kate.

If you're wondering, I settled on number 2. That best describes me. But, there are strong 7 & 9 qualities there as well. I understand that people spend a lifetime learning about all the depths of their Enneagram number. And, I know I won't do that. I've been obsessively studying it for the past week. Next week it will be something else. And, that's ok. In fact, it's good, because it's Kate.



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