Where is Spirit right now?


I’ve been trying to notice Spirit in each moment.

And when I can, it is so beautiful, calming and grounding.

When I am in the moment, really seeing the trees, ocean, humans, birds, construction workers, even my hands on the keyboard, my mind slows down. I remember that life is happening right now. That I have no guarantee that tomorrow will even come, and yesterday is gone.

Be here.

Why is it so hard? Why am I constantly pulled to the past and the future. Rarely living in the moment?

It has something to do with control, fear and a lack of trust. All normal, human concerns. And, legitimate…not to be ignored.

But what is true now?

Right now, I am sitting in a chair I found at the thrift store. I’m typing on a computer that my husband bought me and wearing a mustard sweatshirt my niece gifted me at Christmas. The blue Converse on my feet are hand me downs from my 13 year old son. The house is warm and comfortable as it drizzles outside. My kids are safe at school as my husband is working from home upstairs. I have a view of my beautiful, backyard succulents as I work.


Now I am calm. Now the moment is sweet. Now I can see Spirit and feel gratitude.

This is the practice. This is the work. Noticing Spirit is each moment. Finding the beauty, Love and peace.

Where is Spirit right now? Here.

Kate HagenComment