spiritual Counseling

with kate


Together, let’s discover healthy strategies to help you grow.

Hi, I’m Kate and I’d like to get to know you!

I offer private counseling for teens and adults.

How long is each session? Each session is 1 hour, and done over the phone.  

What does it cost? One hour sessions are $45. I accept PayPal and Venmo. Schedule a time for a free consultation.

What will the process look like? We will establish your area of concern, gather pertinent information, and then uncover when those concerns began. We will gently and deeply work to heal your pain, identify healthy strategies of growth, and/or release self- judgement.

Is this for me? If you have negative self-talk going on in your head, this is for you. If you think you are inadequate, this is for you. If you feel bad about something you are (or, are not) doing, this is for you. If you often feel guilty, this is for you. If you are regularly disappointed with yourself or discouraged, this is for you! If you’re wondering if this will help your particular situation, email me and we can decide together.

Why is Kate qualified? I have a Master of Arts in Counseling as well as an advanced Life Counseling certification. I have enjoyed mentoring many people in the professional world to grow their businesses while growing a large business myself. People say my counseling style is warm, relational, empathetic & Spiritual.

How do I make an appointment? Schedule a time to face your self-judgement with me. I would be happy to have a 30 minute free consultation.