Oils have changed my family.

And we’re so thankful!

Essential oils have changed the lives of my kids, husband and myself. This is no small statement, and I say it with humble honesty.

My youngest son had scary respiratory issues. When he was really little he had to be hospitalized twice due to viral induced asthma. I learned that he needed to not catch any viruses and I also wanted something to help open up his airways if he was struggling. Breathe & OnGuard changed his life.

My oldest son plays soccer and runs track. He regularly asks for Deep Blue Rub after a 5 mile run. He recently asked me to buy him Deep Blue Supplements because he’d like to have zero pain after working out.

My daughter’s monthly cycle is much easier due to Clary Calm. And her teenage moods are reduced with her favorite blend Elevation. (Thank goodness!)

My husband used to get sick every time he traveled. Now he comes home healthy and happy thanks to OnGuard Beadlets. He also used to struggle with low energy after working on the computer all day. But our Life Long Vitality supplements have been an energy game changer for him!

I used to struggle to fall asleep; my mind would be going and going and I couldn’t shut it off! Thanks to Serenity, I can fall asleep quickly and a side benefit is it keeps my restless sleeping husband asleep.

At the young age of 28 I was told I had arthritis. There was a time when walking up the stairs was difficult for me. I am SO thankful that I have been able to significantly reduce my joint pain through diet, Life Long Vitality & other anti-inflammatory oils!

If you’re interested in getting started with essential oils, or just learning more, check this out: